Don’t be so quick to judge: Sam’s bucket list on his last day

On Saturday, a neighbor in the Houston, Texas area posted a photo of a dog in his backyard; the dog’s name was Sam. Tragically there was no doubt that Sam was in terrible condition, and … Read More

Stray pup defeated and scared hides in the corner and needs help

Just one-year-old, a German shepherd mix appears defeated and scared. With no hope in sight and with no understanding about what has happened to him, the young stray pup hides in the corner hoping to … Read More

Ruth, latest victim found in Houston’s Corridor of Cruelty

Dog abandonment, cruelty and dog fighting are all too common in the Houston, Texas area. One particularly bad area in northeast Houston is known as the “Corridor of Cruelty.”  This area is near a Home … Read More

Dog dubbed Archer fights for his life after impaled with an arrow

In Houston, Texas, Archer was picked up late Sunday evening after Animal Control found him with an arrow through his body. Red Collar Rescue was notified and asked if they could help.

Archer was rushed … Read More

Good Samaritans lead spooked horse on highway to safety

In Houston, Texas, a spooked horse running down a busy highway on Monday was brought to safety by good Samaritans. While we all love horses and love to brag about their intelligence, these beautiful creatures … Read More

Houston man accused of shooting child’s dog in front of her

A Houston man has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty after authorities contend he shot and killed a young puppy on Wednesday afternoon a 14-year-old girl had been walking. Investigators said the youngster had … Read More

Three men steal puppies valued at $25,000 from pet store

In Houston, Texas, three men are suspected of breaking into Pet City located at Bammel Westfield Road early Saturday morning to steal puppies. According to Click2Houston, pet store owner Sheri Stack said surveillance video … Read More