Young puppy traumatized with leg fractures rushed for emergency help after Good Samaritan found him lying in the street

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Meet Corbin; a Good Samaritan on her way in Cleveland, Texas to feed some dogs on the streets, was heartbroken when she stumbled upon little Corbin. The four-month-old puppy had been in dire need of rescue; he was very weak and unable to stand.

The kind rescuer made the following short video and asked ThisIsHouston, a non-profit animal rescue organization, if they could help. When they immediately agreed, the woman brought Corbin to the emergency veterinarian hospital.

(Edit: On the video, the very emotional and worried woman meant to say “emaciated.”)

Unfortunately, Corbin has severe injuries and has four separate fractures in his back end. He has fractures in both femurs, and both sacroiliac joints will also need to be repaired. It’s unimaginable how much pain this puppy has had to endure.

In addition to his injuries, he has skin infections and a wound on one of his back legs. He likely had been starving and eating random objects he could find to stave off his intense hunger. His x-rays also showed his stomach is full of rocks, but it is hoped this will pass naturally.

he seems to be able to feel his legs and has withdrawn but since he’s on fentanyl, we can’t fully assess his neuro status or function right now. the surgeon thinks he has a good chance at a full recovery and we are all in.

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So far ThisIsHouston has given a $17,000 deposit for Cordin’s surgery and care. Please donate and help this puppy have a chance at a full life. We don’t know what happened in his short past life, but we can look forward to a future for him.

Updates to follow.

Ways to help:

Venmo @ThisIsHouston

Checks: PO Box 2821, Houston TX 77252

Cash App $ThisIsHouston

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook for the latest animal related news.

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