Sweetest dog who once trembled in pile of rubble is now ready for loving home

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In St. Louis, Missouri, a Good Samaritan had notified the Stray Rescue of St. Louis about a stray dog who desperately needed help. The rescue organization’s chief rescue officer Donna Lochmann rushed out to the area, but had no luck locating the pup.

And then more calls had been received about that same dog barking at the same location, and so Lochmann returned; this time she spotted the dog lying in the grass. When the pup spotted the rescuer, she entered the shambles of a building behind her and in moments disappeared.

Not to be discouraged, Donna engaged other rescuers to help, and returned to the same spot.

Look who we found. Oh, she is sooo scared. It hurts to see them this scared.

This house is falling apart, it’s going to be hard to get her out of here. Time for a game plan, we will keep you updated. We are calling her Habanero.


Check out the first video and how this little one was so frightened:


The rescuers returned with a crate and a game plan; the pup’s shaking leg broke everyone’s heart. She was finally able to be captured and moved out of the hell hole. Once she was in the crate, she immediately calmed down; it was as if she wanted to be caught. It was as if she wanted to be rescued!

Once back at the rescue, Habanero was in better physical shape than anticipated, but she was still quite nervous. A few days later, however she calmed down and began to interact with her rescuers. The seven-year-old pup had been placed in a foster home where she has slowly gained her self-confidence.

And the best part… here she is today! She has been thriving in a foster home because someone gave her a chance!! Foster parents are the BEST humans on earth!

We are open today, come see if we have a sweetie that would like to relax on your bed or couch with you!


No appointment required, just come! We are open 10-6 today: 2320 Pine Street, 63103


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“Dinner ready?”
Cool pup!

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