Senior shepherd whose family wanted him euth’ed because they had no time ready for comfy retirement home

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It had been on Saturday morning when Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida called the Mutty Paws Rescue and shared the sad story of a 13-year-old senior German shepherd, whose only family the dog had ever known, brought them to the office to be euthanized.

The dog named Mufasa, was brought in for euthanasia because his owner didn’t have time for his dog anymore. The hospital pleaded with the owner to surrender the dog instead; the compassionate staff wanted to help the sweet dog find a new home. Yes, all the rescues are full, but Mutty Paws Rescue could not let Mufasa’s story end like that.

That same day, the sweet old guy went to a temporary foster before heading to the organization’s partner veterinarian for a complete physical. And even though he is quite the senior, he walked surprisingly well for his age with no apparent hip issues so common for the breed in aged seniors. He is also reported to be fine with cats and other dogs.

On Monday, thanks to Scenthound, Mufasa received a soothing bath, an undercoat treatment, a pedicure and had his ears and teeth cleaned. He enjoyed every minute of his spa experience and remained calm and just as loving.

He left with a brightly colored bandana, and this boy is ready to find a loving home with a soft bed and perhaps a lot of spoiling?

He is up-to-date on all of his vetting, and his blood work is good for a pup of his age.

Can we make Mufasa’s golden years amazing?

If interested in meeting this awesome boy, please click here.

Thank you to all of you who donated towards his care & to those whom have reached out with adoption inquiries. We are so excited to see what this precious seniors future holds. Stay tuned for more Mufasa update


Don’t you just love happy stories? Now if Mufasa is adopted, it will be perfect!

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