‘Mayo’ returned to shelter 4 times but her FIFTH adoption is the charm

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After spending a year in a shelter and being returned four times, Mayo has finally made the cut, and we are all quite sure, she will be living the dream – a home happily ever after.

At the Houston Pets Alive in Texas, Mayo’s video on TikTok went viral, and that was the start of the attention this sweet girl needed on her path to finding a loving home. Maddie Cantrell, who posts on TikTok @matildanfriends, garnered more than 1.5 million views with her heartbreaking clip of Mayo looking out the window wishing someone would come to rescue her. For more than a year, would-be adopters just walked on by her shelter cage.

“You’re the dog everyone walks past, the one nobody wants to take home. Mayo has been in and out of the shelter since a puppy. She has been adopted but sadly returned 4 times.”

The first person who adopted Mayo as a puppy never trained her or socialized her with other dogs, so it was no surprise Mayo had no manners. By the time she became an adult, she didn’t know how to act around other dogs nor did she like other dogs. Because of her size and the difficulty she had with other dogs, poor Mayo stayed in the shelter – no one even took her home as a foster pooch, so how was she ever to learn?

Sometimes luck doesn’t just happen, but someone comes along and has a deep love, for shall we say the “underdog.” Meet Ryan Williams, 42, who decided to adopt Mayo. According to Newsweek, Williams knew it had not been Mayo’s fault that she displayed unbecoming behaviors, and it was because no one had ever taught her what was to be expected. And so patience and understanding with lots of love and positive training were all headed Mayo’s way.

Thank you everyone for helping Mayo be all that she can be.

From the end of December to mid-January, Mayo lived with Williams, and although adjusting to each other has been challenging, Mayo has since been making progress. And then she was adopted, and now it’s all official.

And just as a reminder – our favorite breed is “RESCUED.” Please do not shop for your next best canine friend – instead ADOPT.

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Beautiful and scary.

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