Heartbreaking: Abandoned dog waited at the freeway entrance for her owner to return

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A small black and white dog had been waiting at the entrance to the SR-60 Freeway in Jurupa Valley; she had been at the exact spot for the last four days and nights. Perhaps that was where her person had dropped her off, and perhaps this little dog’s loyalty remained unwavering?

Fortunately, a rescue volunteer had spotted the dog before the defenseless pup could have been hit by a speeding vehicle or captured and killed by a hungry coyote. It was Marce Billings who quickly reached out to Suzette Hall, founder of  Logan’s Legacy 29, who arrived later that morning to help trap the dog. Other concerned motorists had been pulling over and trying to rescue her, but all of the strange people and loud noises just made the tiny dog run farther away.

I begged everyone to leave. She was so close to the freeway’s edge.

Suzette Hall

Years of rescuing experience and sharp observation skills have enabled Suzette to sense where and in what direction a frightened dog might run and hide. And that’s exactly where Suzette set the humane trap. As she went back to her vehicle to retrieve the hot dogs she used for bait, the dog watched; her nose lifted. Suzette quickly fled the immediate area to hide.

Check out how frightened the dog is here:


The dog kept an eye on Suzette who had to kneel deeper into the cover of the thick bushes. She waited about ten minutes, and then slowly stuck her head out; the dog had been captured – she was in the cage.

On the way back to the car, Suzette couldn’t help but notice how loud the traffic passing by on the freeway was and how dangerously close this tiny dog came to losing her life.

Because she knew she was rescued, the dog immediately fell asleep in the caged trap. No more running, no more waiting for her owner to return and no more pains in her stomach feeling so hungry and thirsty.

Video: Rescued!


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Joshua 1:9

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Height of the cuteness factor for sure;-)
Imagine diving and seeing this orca.

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  1. Poor precious little treasure😢😢😢 I would adopt her in a heartbeat if she were in Washington state or could be transported here……… she would fit into our rescue puppy pack😀😀😀 and be treasured and loved by our family and friends.

    Whoever abandoned this precious little treasure by a busy roadway instead of contacting a rescue or “no kill” shelter or animal control is condemned to burn forever in the hottest part of Hell for their cruelty……..


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