Desperate plea for help: 2 friendly dogs waiting in sweltering Louisiana heat and not one offer

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In Cottonport, Louisiana, two dog and people friendly pups have been waiting more than seven months in the oppressive heat and humidity, hoping someone would notice them and help. Sadly, no one has come forward; not even an adoption inquiry.

Meet Candy and Ginger; their optimism is fading, and their despair is growing. Just yesterday, the outdoor temperature registered at 110 degrees. Their recent photos show both dogs tucked into the corners, just trying to find some comfort from the heat.

Candy is the brown pup; she is 10-year-old. Her sister, Ginger is black and is seven-years-old. They desperately need a place to rest and enjoy the rest of their lives. The two are bonded, sweet and friendly, and both dogs deserve better. Can you help?

Months of sharing not 1 inquiry. I won’t stop sharing them until they are indoors. Safe comfortable and loved. Please keep sharing.

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The igloos are all the cover these two older dogs have while living outside in the sweltering temperatures. Of course, the interior of the dog houses are too hot inside, so they lie on the rocks on their sides after digging into the dirt to find cooler surroundings.

Both dogs are sweet and friendly. The dogs are bonded sisters, and their owner lost his home, and now the dogs only have each other. The facility they are in is small and receives little help.

Avoyelles Animal Welfare Society. Follow here.

For more information how to adopt these two sweet dogs, please click here. Please inbox Darlene Gromsen if you can help.

And to everyone who has donated pools and treats to this shelter, many thanks.

Follow the National Pet Rescue for the latest animal related news.

Muddy adventure!

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