Defenseless 10-pound pooch found with mouth bound shut with rubber band rescued just in time

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100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades of Florida came to the rescue on Sunday of a 10-pound terrier discovered in Fort Lauderdale with his mouth bound shut with a rubber band and a thick laced string. The dog, dubbed Larry, was rushed to the organization’s partner veterinarian. Sadly, no one in the area where he was found knew anything, and worst of all – no one had any idea how long the dog’s snout had been bound shut.

He’s just a sweet baby maybe 3 years of age and 10 pounds, The doctor said he let them do anything and everything they needed to do not one growl and not one snap.


Larry is currently resting comfortably on pain medication and anti-inflammatory medications. Both the embedded rubbed band and the heavy lace have been removed. The dog suffers from bruising on his head and face accompanied by a huge amount of swelling from his mouth having been bound shut.

This is a developing story, and updates will follow soon.

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