Bully rescue group takes on stray pup with critical skin injuries but with strong desire to survive

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At the Southern States Bully Rescue, volunteers stepped up to help a severely injured dog who arrived as a stray. When tested, the sweet dog, now named Lolita, her diagnosis confirmed Demodex, but it was very strange that the infection had primarily involved her head. It is possible that she had mange and someone had tried to cure it with “an at home method” and made her suffering even worse.

This sweet girl has endured more suffering than what anyone can imagine. Pictures simply do not do her justice. Any touch causes her to ooze pus. She’s skin and bones. She’s been admitted to our vet clinic to have the full works. Her recovery will be very long and expensive.


Lolita was quickly admitted to the Bellevue Animal Clinic in Opelousas, Louisiana where she underwent a procedure to remove the very thick scabbing which had been causing a raging infection. Her emaciated body condition has made it harder for Lolita to fight off the ravages of such mistreatment and neglect, but she has a strong desire to live, and what could be a stronger message?

Within 24-hours Lolita began making progress. She has a great appetite, her eye that had been sealed is now open, her bloodwork continues to show signs of improvement and she’s fighting the fight.

Meanwhile, she remains on antibiotics and fluids. The vet staff are keeping her comfortable, and although she has a long road ahead of her to recovery, Lolita isn’t giving up.

Updates to follow. More photos are available on the rescues Facebook page here. Most of Lolita’s photos are difficult to see, but wait until she’s feeling better and her life takes a new positive turn.

We will continue to fight with her, and we will see the day she is adopted, fat, healthy and loving her best life.


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