Three-legged Petey struggled to survive and slept on a filthy chair in the field until someone reached out

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In the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, Petey struggled to survive. He scavenged for food as he roamed near the canals. It seems as if he had been abandoned in the fields long ago, and what happened to his leg remains a mystery although now it is thought it had been intentionally cut off by an unknown cruel person or shattered in a wildlife trap.

Petey’s home? He sheltered in an old filthy chair thrown away a long time ago. And as his story was told on social media, volunteers from Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue stepped up to help. Once he was captured, he spent his first night at the PetER treating his mangled, tangled and infected leg. The emphasis was keeping him warm and stable which required a blood transfusion.

Let us start with this. Petey is SAFE, Petey is LOVED and Petey will NEVER face the awful things he has endured.

Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue

On Saturday, Petey arrived at the rescue organization’s partner veterinarian in Lake Charles where it was confirmed the dog had not been struck by a vehicle, but instead had been the merciless victim of human cruelty or a teethed jaw trap. Petey has been suffering from excruciating pain, but in the positive column, he is not septic which greatly increases his chances of survival and a new life.

Petey has been described as a very sweet dog and everyone he meets, he acts like a perfect gentleman; the same way Petey from the Little Rascals acted – thus his new name.

Here’s Petey arriving in Lake Charles:

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