Stray dog wanders into small Colombia hospital because he had stomach pains

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In the small Colombia city of Rionegro, a lost pooch had been seen wandering and scavenging for food near the police station on Tuesday. Business owners in the area concerned about the dog’s welfare, fed the friendly pit bull and reported him to the authorities.

According to Entre Ceja y Ceja, authorities tried to capture the dog and thought his owner had probably been looking for him, but the pup had no desire to be captured. The local municipality’s Monitoring and Control Center were later able to pinpoint the dog’s location. He had wandered into the Emergency Department of the Gilberto Mejia Hospital where he was sprawled across two green leather chairs in the waiting room, as if waiting to be helped. Personnel reported the look on the dog’s face was an obvious sign he wasn’t feeling well. What better place to go than a hospital?

Minute30 reported the staff in the hospital shared the dog’s plight on social media, and it wasn’t long before concerned readers and followers were able to contact local police and the Antioquia Environmental Foundation to help.

The poor pup was quickly transferred to a veterinary hospital where he was found to have been eating spoiled food from the garbage which affected his stomach. He has been staying at the veterinary hospital, and it is hoped his owner or friends of his owner who might identify the dog, can help him return to his home.

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(Photos via Between Ceja & Ceja and Funan Tam)

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