Dog with eyebrows drawn on face taken to shelter after being found in road

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A dog with light blue or lavender eyebrows drawn on her face was taken to a Tacoma animal shelter after being found in the middle of a road in Elbe, Washington. The female pit bull was picked up by a woman who was worried that she would be hit by a car. Her sister posted photos of the dog in a lost and found Facebook group on Sunday afternoon, explaining where the dog was located:

My sister is currently travelling to Auburn WA to meet a deadline for her new apartment opportunity. She drove through Elbe WA and took a right down the turn off toward Eatonville WA when she came across this dog sitting in the middle of the road. She said cars were driving around it and no one was stopping. But the dog also wasn’t moving.

Concerned for the dog’s safety, the woman stopped and opened her car door – the dog promptly hopped in. There is speculation that the dog came from a family with kids:

from the looks of it probably came from a home with kids! (Drawn on eyebrows 😂)

The “very sweet” pup was taken to the Humane Society for Tacoma Pierce County with the hope that her family will find her. The updated post reads:

My sister spoke to a local Sheriff and he’s having her take the dog to this Animal Shelter!!! If you’re the owner, or know the owners, this is where the fur baby will be!! I truly hope she’s reunited with her family soon!! 💓💓💓 Thank you for all the support and help!!!

Please share this information to help reunite this sweet pup with her family.

(Images via Facebook)

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The dog is smarter than the owner!

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