Shepherd safely rescued from gorilla enclosure at San Diego Zoo

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No one knows how a dog found himself face to face with a gorilla in his enclosure at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido, California on Sunday. The nail biting situation was captured on camera by CbsNews.

Zookeepers had spotted two stray dogs in the park and while running around, entered the gorilla exhibit. The dog was spotted inside of the exhibit by park guests. The gorilla immediately started to chase the gorilla around in its enclosure. Guests called for zookeepers to come to the dog’s aid and started to yell at the gorilla to distract it from chasing the frightened dog.

Zoo staff arrived and were able to remove the dog after moving the gorilla. Humane officers from the San Diego Humane Society responded and have taken the dog to their Esconcico Campus for evaluation. The dog had no microchip and will be held at the shelter for the required amount of stray hold.

The good news – no animals or humans were hurt.

Check out the video:

(Photos via Humane Society of San Diego. Video via CBSNews)

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