Sometimes rescuers have to say ‘goodbye’ before they barely have time to say ‘hello’

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On Sunday evening, a volunteer from the Speranza Animal Rescue received a call from her son who is a police officer. The officer had been called to a house where he discovered an older dog who was in terrible condition.

The dog was too weak and malnourished to stand, and she was covered in tumors with the pungent smell of infection seeping through her skin. The owner told the police officer they didn’t want the dog, and stated the dog had tried to bite them. And so Speranza Animal Rescue volunteer, Michelle, drove to the house, picked the dog up and brought her to the rescue.

After arriving at the rescue, all she wanted to do was rest, however the frail and very weak dog ate food and drank water. Hopefully, that would be a good sign, and she would rest for the night until her veterinary appointment the next morning. Not once did she act aggressively nor did she try to bite anyone.

Last night she could barely life her head. Look who is STANDING up on her own. And eating! I think we have a fighter on our hands. Welcome Lynn.

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While everyone had hoped that Lynn would survive and be able to fight, often the best intentions don’t hold promises to work out. Lynn’s veterinarian examination this morning showed it was clear that cancer had overtaken he body, resulting in extreme emaciation, enlarged lymph nodes and countless tumors. Tragically, her skin was terribly infected, her ears hurt, and her body begged to be set free from the constant pain.

Lynn’s body fought so hard when she knew she had to, but I think she learned that she was safe and loved and didn’t have to fight for herself any longer. Lynn was peacefully laid to rest at 10:54 a.m. today. She was surrounded by love and gentle hands from the moment her guardian angel, a police officer laid eyes on her last night. Thank you to him, all of the volunteers and our veterinary team for laying a hand in Lynn’s journey to safety and comfort.


Rest in peace Lynn. We are sorry we had to say goodbye before we really got the chance to know you better, but be assured you are loved.

To make a donation in Lynn’s memory, please click here.

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