Huh?: Photograph showing two dogs with one mouth has us scratching our heads

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In a rather strange photograph posted on Reddit by the user identified as BeanzMeanzBranston, we see two dogs that look like German shepherd mixes, who both appear to be joined at their mouth, as they are seen lying on the floor.

Admittedly, it’s all very confusing as their copious white fur and their bodies facing each other, makes it look like they are sharing one mouth. Why? Well, if you study the photo closely, one of the dog’s heads is on top of the other dog’s head, and both dogs happen to have had their mouths open nearly the same size and position.

So, of course social media always captures our attention with something pretty cool and perhaps strange, the Reddit user added a little bit of intrigue with the following comment above the photo:

My dogs share a mouth sometime.


Since the photo came out on social media on January 6, it has garnered more than 62,000+ upvotes. The comments, of course, which many of us love more than the original content at times, reflects the confusion of the mysterious photo.

Is your dog a labradouble?


I thought it was some weird taxidermy thing.


Did this dog come from an Artic research station?


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Blind kitty is quite clever!

Everyone waiting for treats.

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