Senior dog who had been in shelter for 14 years finally found his hero

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When a 19-year-old-dog entered an Illinois animal shelter when he was only one-year old and has lived at the shelter for 14 of those years, it was time that Stuart found his hero.

After two failed adoptions and the saddest returns to the shelter, Stuart had adjusted to his life at the shelter, but what kind of life is that for a dog who just sees the same four walls of his enclosure day after day? And that’s when an animal advocate posted Stuart’s story to TikTok in hopes of finding someone to give the elderly shepherd/heeler blend a soft bed to sleep on and lots of love for the remainder of his life.

Fast forward to just a few days, when Natalie Snyder, the founder of Repo’s Rescue in Michigan, spotted the dog’s video clip and just couldn’t resist the opportunity to give this dog a real home. And so she drove the five hours to meet him, but once she arrived, her enthusiasm was quelled when the shelter staff told her that Stuart had lived most of his life there, and it wouldn’t be in the dog’s best interest to move him away from all that he knew at this age.

Social media participants didn’t agree with leaving Stuart, and two days later, after Snyder had returned home, the shelter called and agreed to the adoption.

And now that Stuart no longer sleeps on the hard floor, doesn’t hear constant barking from other dogs and has a backyard to explore, his life has changed from boring to a senior adventurous life; that’s where he still gets the stability of being reassured with the addition of new smells, new sights and new adventures.

Senior dogs have the most difficult time finding homes. So many families want a bouncing puppy to adopt. Perhaps consider how senior dogs are usually house trained, know basic commands, don’t chew your shoes when you leave for school, love you unconditionally because they know, they have been rescued.

(Photos and video clips via TikTok and Natalie Snyder)

Check out a few of the video clips of Stuart posted by his new mom.

And then there’s this video clip:

Welcome home Stuart.

More videos of Stuart and Natalie can be seen here.

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  1. I am very happy that Stuart has finally found his furever family!!! It’s so sad that seniors have a tougher time finding a new furever home. They are the best companions because they KNOW they have been saved. They are “ready pets who just want to join their new pack”.

    Whilst I absolutely love puppies, I much prefer seniors!!! They already are familiar with training and commands. Often are housebroken (bonus)!!!

    My husband and I are both seniors canines lovers. We have a fantastic network of veterinary specialists who help us keep our precious treasures healthy. When we adopt anyone, they are in our family for the remainder of their lives.

    Whilst we can’t adopt everyone, we have sponsored 14+ elder dogs in rural shelters in CA until each one was adopted into a loving furever family.

    Nothing is so satisfying as getting a note from the adoption coordinator telling you that your sponsored furbaby has been adopted into a furever family😀😀😀


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