Rescued pup no one wanted found the perfect family as ‘match made in heaven’

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At the Rescue Village in Ohio, a gorgeous pit bull named Natasha found her forever home; her family describing Natasha as a “match made in heaven.” Natasha’s journey had not been easy, but her story has an important message and leaves us all smiling.

Here is how this pup’s story began; let’s return to earlier in the year.

On March 25, 2022 a Facebook post appeared asking for help rehoming Natasha and stating she was being given away again because she was not cat friendly. It is unknown how many different homes Natasha had in her short life. And it was on that same day that the person trying to rehome Natasha showed up at the Mahoning County Dog Warden turning her into the shelter as a “stray.”

During her time at the Mahoning County Dog Warden, Natasha was perfect. She loved to play: she was friendly, loving and happy, but she was a pit bull, and the breed stigma pretty much left her behind looking out, as the other friendly dogs left for their new homes with their new families. One family had come in to meet Natasha; they had visited with her for more than an hour, but when they left, they never looked back.

And so Natasha needed more social media exposure. After all, this sweet dog needed her furever family. Maybe Rescue Village could help her, and on September 28, 2022, Natasha moved over to their care.

A family came in to meet dogs. They specifically wanted a Golden Retriever puppy but thought they would look at some rescues in case they saw someone and made a connection.

They fell in love with Natasha … even though they had never had a pit bull before. They have done a DNA test on her and she is 100% pit bull. Not quite a Golden Retriever but they are completely in love with her.

Facebook Rescue Village

Hang in there puppies, mature dogs and senior pooches. There’s hope; just hang in there, and hopefully each and every pet in need of a home will be this fortunate. Please don’t shop for your next dog when you can adopt.

Many thanks to Mahoning County Dog Warden for sharing this incredible story so that we could also share it today with our readers. There is never enough good news.

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(Photos via Rescue Village Facebook)

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