Puppy recovering after being found outside in the heat, with mouth taped shut

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Days ago, an adorable puppy was found suffering in the heat in San Antonio, Texas. According to San Antonio Pets Alive, the five-month-old pup, dubbed Bonnie, was the victim of abuse. The animal welfare agency explains:

Bonnie was found outside in this stifling heat with her mouth TAPED COMPLETELY SHUT! Her nose and mouth are pale and swollen from the lack of blood flow. She’s missing hair and has scarring and blood from the tightly bound tape. She also arrived into our care urine-stained and covered in dirt and feces.


Aged at about five months old and weighing in at only SIX pounds, a monster left her to die miserably. She couldn’t drink, eat, pant, clean herself, or breathe properly in that horrific situation. Underneath all her fur is skin and bones.

On Monday, the shelter updated Facebook followers with Bonnie’s condition, writing:

We are still determining the best treatment for her care. Her vitals are looking good; however, she is still unable to stand. She is learning new things and receiving plenty of cuddles. She loves her Dino stuffed animal. 🥰

Bonnie not available for adoption at this time. The agency writes:

We have no doubt she will be matched with a loving family once she regains her health and is available for adoption. She still has a way to go before she will be ready for her forever family.

The organization encourages anyone hoping to adopt to consider one of the other homeless pets in need:

By adopting or fostering, know that you are saving two lives – your new baby and their kennel space for us to save more. We desperately need the room to save more urgent and precious lives that need us. Without more room, there is no place for them to go.

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