Neglected dog’s life saved today because someone spoke up

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It’s a story well worth repeating as often as possible. It’s a story about a hero – a local resident in Kansas City, Missouri who spoke up and likely saved the life of a neglected pup.

“…contacted Missouri Pit Bull Rescue about a dog left outside on a chain with no shelter for longer than a week. They in turn contacted me…

KC Pet Project with Andrea Knobbe

The rescuer who had been contacted saw a picture of the dog and with the plunging temperatures feared he would not have survived the night. The person who had called had found a cardboard box and stuffed it with a pillow and whatever else could be found to provide some protection from the cold and the bitter winds. This person had been feeding the dog since Christmas. The owners would come and go from their home, but never once did they check on the dog – either to feed him, give him water or provide protection against the frigid weather.

I contacted the KCPP Animal Services dispatch line highlighting the danger this dog was in. The dispatcher agreed that this was urgent and sent out an officer. The animal control officer then dispatched police to accompany them to seize the dog.

KC Pet Project with Andrea and Veronique at Missouri Pit Bull Rescue

And so this dog was saved because someone spoke up. If you see something say something.

Many thanks to everyone involved in saving this pup’s life.

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  1. While I wish blessings a thousand fold for the VERY KIND person AND officer who stepped up when the owners just stepped DOWN, I’m crying my eyes out because I can NOT understand how ANY HUMAN BEING could do this to LIVING, BREATHING animal. WTF, YOU, the NOW FORMER OWNER OUGHT to be BEATEN to a PULP, THEN DRAGGED by a ROPE to the middle of NOWHERE and LEFT! And this VILE THUG is probably a republiCON, GOP maggot ass wipe. So much for leading a life God wants you to. FUCKING LIARS, EVERY ONE of YOU! Can’t even vote without worrying your CORRUPT minions will try to overturn MY choice because YOU didn’t GET YOUR WAY! YOU WILL PAY, just wait, I KNOW it WILL COME. POS!


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