Luckiest bulldog left tied up in front of fire station seriously ill finds new life as fire department’s official mascot

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Just one week ago, a young, female bulldog had been tied up outside of New York City Fire Department Engine 260 in Long Island City. The dog was seriously ill with a vaginal prolapse; a condition resulting from overbreeding. The dog, dubbed Rosie needed immediate surgery, and instead of taking the dog to NYC Animal Care Services, the team searched for help from a rescue organization.

Second Chance Rescue NY City Dogs responded offering to help:

Not only did we want to help this poor girl, but we were also honored to lend a helping hand to the men and women who never hesitate to answer the call for help. As soon as we gave the firefighters the ok, they sprung into action and rushed Rosie to our partner vet for immediate surgery to repair the prolapse and spay her to guarantee that no one would ever use her for breeding again.

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And as if that didn’t put a smile on everyone’s face, Rosie was adopted by the firefighters and has become the firehouse’s official mascot. Everyone has fallen in love with Rosie, and from the appearance of Rosie thoroughly enjoying the attention of everyone, she’s fitting in quite well. Rosie is now in her forever home and will be receiving around-the-clock companionship.

Many thanks to Engine 260 for being the voices for those who cannot speak.

If you’d like to donate to the cost of Rosie’s emergency care please Text NYCSCR to 24365


PayPal: [email protected]

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