Heartbreaking update on puppy who hid in a drain after he was attacked by big dogs

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Dwight became ThisIsHouston’s first 2022 New Year’s intake. The frightened pup was attacked by multiple bigger dogs in Cleveland, Texas. To escape his attackers, Dwight took refuge in a drain. Luckily, a Good Samaritan found him and took him home, before reaching out for help.

He was then rushed to the emergency veterinarian hospital for lifesaving treatment.

Dwight’s injuries included six fractured ribs on the right side as well as bruising on his lungs.

The wounds were cleaned and bandaged up. We suspect the fractured ribs are why he cannot walk currently, but only time can heal those fractures. His bloodwork was fairly decent and he has some whipworms but those can be easily treated. He is dehydrated so is still on IV fluids, FLK drip (pain meds which are keeping him pretty sedated), and he had a feeding tube and urinary catheter placed. He’s been resting comfortably and will stay hospitalized for a few days. He’s understandably quite aggressive but we believe it’s just due to the pain. This little guy did not deserve this but we will continue to give him quality vet care and lots of time to recover.

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As of Thursday morning at 8:30 a.m., Dwight had been doing well. He was still being sedated for pain, but there had been no obvious signs anything was wrong. Just a half-hour later, the staff noticed he was not breathing; he was pulled out from his hospital bed to begin CPR, but he was already gone. It is suspected Dwight suffered from a possible blot clot.

This little guy deserved so much more and it truly breaks our hearts that we were unable to give him the life he deserved.

“Like a shooting star

Flying across the room

So fast so far

You were gone too soon.”


Rest in peace Dwight. We are all so sorry.

Read Dwight’s full story here.

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