Dog found in pile of trash and avoids truck compactor recovering from his injuries

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In Doral, Florida, a tiny Shih Tzu was found in the trash, and after his frightening experience continues to be on the mend and is expected to be in a new, loving home as soon as he is feeling better.

According to WsvnNews, the dog, now named Oscar, was found at the Northeast Transfer Station on Thursday after he was spotted by a waste equipment operator moving in the trash pile. Had the equipment operator not seen Oscar, he likely would have been compacted after the trash passed into the truck.

The scared little dog was rushed to Miami Dade Animal Services where the ten-year-old pooch will be moving on to a better life. When found, he was matted and dirty, but he seems to be in relatively good health.

Our veterinary team took a look at him. He seems in pretty good health, other than the fact he’s got some puncture wounds that are healing now but were infected. His ears are really, really bad, and his fur was so matted that we basically had to shave him down.

Flora Beal Public Affairs MDAS

Someone watching the news about Oscar has already reached out to adopt him, but the dog must remain in the custody of MDAS until his lost and missing wait time is over.

Feel better Oscar, and we are all wishing you the best in your new home.

(Photos via screenshots Wsvn News)

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