Cruel man intercepted by authorities carrying puppy upside down by its hind legs

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At the Cape of Good Hope in Cape Town, South Africa, a cruel man selling a puppy on the side of the road ran into a Good Samaritan who no doubt with help from other kind people, all became the defenseless puppy’s hero.

According to the Cape Of Good Hope SPCA, authorities received an anonymous report with photographs. The complaint stated:

He was trying to sell me the puppy and when I refused he started to carry it by the hind legs. The puppy was very afraid of him. He put it down to rummage in a dustbin and it tried to get away. I was on my own and he was ignoring me.

Cape of Good Hope SPCA

Inspector Rudolph Philander immediately responded to the call for help and when he arrived, the man was seen walking down the road in Pinelands carrying the puppy by its hind legs until neighborhood patrol watchers apprehended him and rescued the puppy.

The puppy has since been transferred to the SPCA for treatment. Animal cruelty charges are currently being considered.

If you see something, say something. A puppy is safe now because a Good Samaritan reacted to a cruel person trying to harm an innocent and defenseless puppy.

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