500 pound bear ‘Hank the Tank’ cleared of home invasions and will not be killed

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A 500-pound bear affectionately dubbed “Hank the Tank” was about to be killed in South Lake Tahoe for allegedly breaking into at least 28 homes. Authorities were searching for the bear to euthanize him for his misdeeds.

According to TMZ, on Friday there was another bear intrusion into someone’s home, and authorities immediately blamed Hank. Here’s the best part – we have all read how DNA testing can find a suspect innocent… well … leave it to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife sleuths, and after a forensic investigation including the DNA sample, Hank has been cleared!

Bear League

This just in….. DFW notified us and verified our suspicions that DNA has now proved Hank is Not responsible for even half of the bear home incursions. There are three other bears who have been in more homes than Hank… but he was taking the rap… probably due to his size…. and extreme handsomeness. Two of the other bears are females. So… Hank no longer has a death sentence hanging over him and he is no longer going to have his freedom taken away from him by sending him to a sanctuary.


Authorities really are not sure how many robberies Hank has done and have relied on police reports and witness statements from property owners, however Tank may very well had been falsely accused. And so for now, no bears will be euthanized or relocated.

Good for you Hank! We are all “bearly” able to hold back our smiles.

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