Rescues are full, will anyone save handsome, young German shepherd?

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A handsome, young German shepherd is in need of help to find a family of his own. The dog, named Tayo, is at the Oakland Animal Services facility in California, and area rescue organizations are full to the brim. Tayo is not even two years of age – literally in the prime of his life – but he has no home or family to enjoy his youthful exuberance with.

Tayo’s shelter profile reads:

Tayo is an eager young dog excited about everything the world has to offer. He pulls excitedly on leash so he can sniff and explore all the things in his environment, and we know he will get better at his leash skills with the right person who can be committed to practicing positive reinforcement training techniques with him. He’s a very smart dog who will pick new things up quickly. He is eager for physical and mental engagement in his daily routine. He is interested in interacting with other dogs and has been polite with the dogs we have introduced him to. Tayo is around 1.5 years old and is 90 pounds.

Tayo is handsome, athletic, and intelligent – he will make a wonderful companion to an experienced dog owner who wants a smart, active companion. Will you please help Tayo find his way to a new home by sharing his adoption information?

Find Tayo’s profile here.

ID#/ACR: 59933

Shelter address:

1101 29th Avenue,
Oakland, CA 94601

Fax: 510.535.5601
Phone: 510.535.5602

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