14-year-old dachshund’s littermate and human died but pup stares through the glass hoping they return

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UPDATE: Adopted! 😉

At the Monmouth County SPCA, Sammy’s story continues to break our hearts. The 14-year-old dachshund bonded littermate who had been bonded with each other during their entire lives passed away a few months ago. And if that wasn’t sad enough, Sammy’s human passed away four months later.

Sammy is now at the MC SPCA, and all day he sits and stares out the glass waiting for his person to return. Every time someone passes by the hallway, Sammy perks up and lifts his head, but as he realizes that the passerby is not “his” person, he lowers his head again.

Sammy’s advocate has this to report:

Sammy is older, a little slower and will need some time to adjust to an entirely different life than he’d known, but we know he deserves to live out whatever time he has left in a loving home.

Sammy would do best in a home with kids 12+. If he were to live with another dog, he’d prefer an independent friend that didn’t get in his space too much. Sammy is not fully housebroken as his former owner was elderly and didn’t have him on a schedule. Sammy has some warts and lumps that were marked benign. Sammy had a dental in 2021. He has been around cats and does fine.

Monmouth County SPCA Facebook

The shelter is open for walk-ins only, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday from 12-5pm and Wednesday to Friday from 12-7pm. All family members must be present to meet. There is no pre-application and all paperwork is done in house. The organization is not looking for a foster situation at this time and is seeking permanent placement. They adopt to NJ and directly surrounding areas. They do not adopt out of the immediate tri-state area.

Please share Sammy’s story. Sharing saves lives and brings new families together.

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