Dog rescued from mud flats with a drone and sausage

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When an adventuresome dog found herself stuck on mud flats in southern England, volunteer rescuers got creative. According to multiple sources, the Jack Russell terrier mix, named Millie, got away from her owner during a walk on January 13 and she wound up a good distance away on potentially dangerous mud flats. Though her location was known, nobody could get close enough to her to bring her out of the muddy area.

As reported by CNN, one of the people trying to get to Millie was struck with an idea on Sunday…suggesting that a sausage be tied to a string on a drone to help lure the dog to safety. Volunteer Stefani Dennis told the news agency that a neighbor offered to cook up some sausages for the rescue mission:

One of the neighbors who lived by the beach came out and said she’d cook them for us. She was under a lot of pressure, she must have felt the world was on her shoulders,” Dennis added. “But these sausages were obviously very tasty.”

Volunteers proceeded to tie the cooked sausages to several different drones, which were flown over Millie in an attempt to entice her to follow…and it worked. The hungry dog grabbed hold of one sausage (nearly pulling the drone down!) and ran. She got off of the muddy ground and kept on running until she reached an industrial area. Finally, on January 17, she was reunited with her owner. Dennis tells CNN that every one cried when Millie was finally safely back with her owner, commending the community who came together to make it happen.

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