Woman claims unscrupulous breeder sold her a puppy whose fur had been dyed brown

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Just in case you may have thought you have heard more than enough irritating stories about unscrupulous dog breeders, here’s another one with a particularly absurd twist. A woman claims a breeder sold her a puppy whose fur had been dyed brown, and now as he grows up, his coat has turned white.

The story began last year, when the woman’s family bought her a puppy for her birthday from an alleged breeder. The pup was supposed to have been a male, red-brown maltipoo. [“designer” pup crossing a toy poodle and a Maltese] When the puppy arrived, he was represented as eight-weeks-old, but he appeared to be so frail and constantly slept; the woman was worried.

In addition, the breeder never sent over the puppy’s vaccination record, and when the new owner had more questions, the breeder no longer answered her phone. And so the woman brought her puppy to the veterinarian who told her the puppy was a female, had not been vaccinated and was no more than four or five weeks of age.

The woman, identified as Porterpoooo on TikTok posted a video of her dog Porter which started out with a tiny, reddish brown puppy. On top of the video reads:

“When you get scammed by the breeder and find out your dog was dyed.”


Photos show the dog getting older and the roots of his coat coming in white. Check the video out here.

Since September 2, when the video was first posted, it has been “liked” more than three million times and racked up 20,000 comments. There were quite a few people who were angry at the woman for buying a puppy from a breeder while so many very adoptable puppies are available in animal shelters across the country.

And then there were the people who thought the puppy could just be changing colors as she matured, however a subsequent video that can be viewed here does show the coat color change rather strange.

“I later found out that there are many puppy traffickers selling sick puppies, often dyed to make them appear to be another color and breed and also with fake vaccination records. Many of these puppies died days after purchase. If I had a choice in this I definitely would have adopted.”


Fortunately, Porter was a healthy puppy.

Why buy a dog when so many precious puppies are waiting for us at shelters and legitimate rescue organizations? Don’t shop – ADOPT!

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