Woman arrested and charged in abandonment of two starved dogs

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An arrest has finally been made in the case of two abandoned dogs who were discovered near the Gardner Seveney Sports Complex, in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, on Thanksgiving morning. The authorities have charged 29-year-old Joneya Mack with unnecessary cruelty to an animal and abandonment of an animal; a felony and misdemeanor count for each charge, reports WPRI News.

When the two female dogs were found, it was clear that they were severely malnourished and had been suffering from neglect. One of the dogs did not survive; the other was take to the Potter League for Animals for care.

A reward to find the person responsible climbed to over $15,000. According to the news agency, it is unclear if a tip led to Mack’s arrest, or if it was from the police investigation.

You can find the prior article about this incident at this link.

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  1. she’s dressed well enough and yet couldn’t feed and take care of her dogs that she committed to.
    dressing up doesn’t make one a winner, but doing that to innocent dogs sure makes one a loser


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