Man sent to prison after video of him beating his yellow Lab with a mallet turned into authorities

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A man from the coastal town of South Shields in England, will spend more than six-months in jail for beating his yellow Labrador retriever in the head with a mallet in his backyard. Neighbors recorded the disturbing video and turned the evidence of animal cruelty over to the RSPCA.

According to the BBC, Jamie Graham, 25, hit his dog twice across his head as the frightened pup cowered behind a discarded refrigerator. Graham pleaded guilty to animal cruelty, admitting he had caused unnecessary suffering to the dog back in October.

The video showed the dog trying to avoid Graham, and once he came into contact with the dog, hit her repeatedly with the mallet or hammer. Each time the dog cried out in pain. Graham then could be heard counting down from three to one and then striking the dog again. After the second time, a neighbor approached the man.

After being interviewed, Graham told authorities he had been punishing the dog for biting someone, however no proof of that behavior had been presented as well as trainers and animal behaviorists’ positive experiences with the dog after she was taken into custody at the RSPCA.

In addition to jail for 26 weeks, Graham was fined and ordered to pay court costs. He also has been banned for life from ever owning or keeping any animals.

The dog, named Blue has since been surrendered to the RSPCA and has been adopted by a wonderful family and living a great new life.

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