Viral photo of paralyzed Rio Grande Valley dog leads to heartbreaking end of life

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In the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, a frequent dumping ground for unwanted dogs, a photo of a young dog near someone’s home lying nearly motionless since Saturday, went viral. The little dog’s advocate called out to social media asking for help. He was given the name Adrian.

“His entire body is limp. He seems almost dead. He showed up at a property and has not moved since. He has been like this since Saturday! He needs urgent medical care. Please network him for rescue and foster!!,” the Facebook message read.

On Monday afternoon, The No Kill Project stepped up to help. He was transported and arrived at Oso Creek VCA in Corpus Christi later in the day. Upon arrival, Adrian was in severe pain. His temperature registered at 93 degrees, and he was immediately placed on oxygen. Permission was given to make all attempts to save Adrian’s life. It was suspected the dog had been hit by a car.

Early Tuesday morning, a heartbreaking update was posted on the social media page of The No Kill Project. Although he made it through the night, his symptoms had not improved. Adrian continued to have a difficult time swallowing and was unable to move his limbs. He was very lethargic and anemic. Little was known about Adrian’s history, and further neurological testing could not be done without placing him under anesthesia which in  his condition he was not a candidate. The goal was to get him stable enough to do further testing, but that did not happen even though he was given fluids, pain medication, turned over every four hours and his bladder expressed.

And in just a few hours, Adrian’s condition became worse. The decision was made that the kindest thing to do was to let Adrian go. He was humanely euthanized at 9:00 this morning.

What makes Adrian’s story even more powerful and painful is that this boy had been microchipped, and at one time had a family and named Baloo. His owners were contacted, and they had moved, left the country two years ago and left their dog behind to fend for himself. He was only three-and-a-half-years-old.

“When the owners were located, they relinquished him to us without giving it a single thought. Not even worried enough to ask how he was…”

Everyone is heartbroken, but please be reminded, if you can’t care for your dog, find a rescue or a shelter who will help. What happened to Baloo is awful and could so easily have been avoided. He was such a nice little dog, and most likely would have had no problem finding a new home and be living a safe and loving life today.

“If you have any questions, please send us an email at We are all heartbroken at the turn of events.
We are no longer accepting donations for Adrian at this time.”
Rest in peace Baloo.


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