Rescue angel crawls 30 feet into storm drain to rescue mother dog and her 4 puppies

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In Houston, a group of rescuers came to the rescue of a stray dog and her four newborn puppies over the weekend. The women who had connected on the Next Door app had unsuccessfully been trying to catch a pregnant dog they had dubbed Carnitas for weeks.

According to social media, Shireen Hydrapiet, Pam Ashley and Emily Daniels had received information that Carnitas had been spotted near busy roads in the Lindale Park area. Each time the women arrived there, Carnitas became scared and ran away.

Then came the news that Carnitas had given birth in a storm drain and the women met up to plan the rescue. Sabrina Amador joined the group and volunteered to climb into the storm drain and find the puppies.

Sabrina lowered herself into the drain and on her belly crawled about 30 feet and used a catch stick to first grab mom Carnitas. One can only imagine how disgruntled the mother dog was to be pulled away from her newborns.

“Absolutely crazy rescue of this dog that we’ve been tracking for weeks, but she wouldn’t trap. She finally had her puppies and thanks to June Nicole , who trapped the dog and rescued her puppies from this drain.”

The four puppies were then handed to rescuers and quickly reunited with their mother in a large crate. Emily kept the mom and her puppies over the weekend and these ladies are hoping to find a foster home before having to turn the family over to BARC on Wednesday.

For more information how to help, please email [email protected]

Way to go heroes. There are angels everywhere.

(Photos and video via Shireen Hydrapiet’s Facebook page)

Check out the video:

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Will I still fit on your lap mom?


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