Tulsa police offices rescue bag full of abandoned puppies left at convenience store

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In Tulsa, Oklahoma, five abandoned puppies were rescued on Sunday night by Tulsa Police Department officers. An unknown person left the puppies in a zipped duffel bag on the counter at QuikTrip.

According to the Facebook page of the Tulsa Police Department the four officers who responded to the incident adopted the puppies and the fifth puppy went home with a QuikTrip employee.

Tulsa Police Department 

 🐶 Abandoned Christmas Puppies 🐶Last night someone left 5 puppies in a zipped duffel bag on the counter at QT. Mingo Valley Division – Edward Squad officers were made aware of the situation and responded to the scene. Overwhelmed with Christmas feelings, 4 of the officers immediately adopted 4 of the puppies and the 5th went home with the QT employee. Big thanks to the cute pups, awesome officers and QT employee. If you’re looking for a pet, please adopt don’t shop, there are lots of rescues and shelters that are over capacity for abandoned pets.

TPD Facebook page

Great job everyone.

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