Stray puppy climbed into car engine to stay warm and got stuck

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In Dallas, Texas it gets cold at night, and it’s hardly a place for a young puppy to be roaming by herself, yet one little pooch thought climbing into the engine of a nearby vehicle would be the place to stay warm and safe. Fortunately, someone saw the puppy under the car before she pulled away, and once she went looking for the puppy found her trapped inside of the engine.

Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform were called to help. The tiny stray was barely four pounds, terrified and soon rescued from deep within the engine area. She has been named Porsha.

Check out the video:

What a lucky puppy!

Porsha is being transferred to the rescue organization and has been placed in a foster home. We will be checking on her progress.

To donate to Porsha and the other pets in need:

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