A resilient spirit – Duke recovering after being stabbed and run down

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A dog dubbed Duke is proving himself to have a resilient spirit as he continues to recover from horrific injuries which resulted from being stabbed, and then run down by a car. Duke’s advocate writes:

Stabbed, Then Run-Down: Gentle Giant Faces One Violent Nightmare After Another…
How anyone could turn their backs on this baby without so much as a second thought is something we can never understand. Duke’s reality consisted of being welcomed into a home, and into a family just to be, quite literally, STABBED in the back. And multiple other places across his body.

After being stabbed, the injured dog was dumped – and then, a car hit him. Thanks to compassionate good Samaritans, Duke was picked up off of the road and rescuers got him to Houston, Texas, for emergency care.

Houston K -911 has taken Duke under its wing, and the battered dog is slowly fighting his way back from his multitude of injuries. This week, the rescue group updated concerned Facebook followers with a heartwarming update:

Duke Update! Every day he gets stronger. His surgery was successful and his wounds are healing. Duke is feeling so much better and acting like a happy and playful pup. We were so worried about him at the begining. He was so torn up and in so much pain but it looks as though Duke is coming BACK! What a good boy!!

You can make a donation to help the rescue agency continue to help Duke through his recovery:


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Follow Duke’s recovery at this link to the rescue group’s Facebook page.

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