Puppy had leg amputated after good Samaritan found her alongside road – now she needs a rescue

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Two weeks ago, a good Samaritan found a puppy alongside a road in Los Angeles County, California. The puppy was motionless and the person thought that she was dead. But she was still alive, albeit seriously injured.

The pup was taken to the county animal control agency in Palmdale where it was determined that one of her back legs was so severely injured that amputation was necessary. Now the puppy, dubbed Meg, is in need of a rescue agency to take her in and give her a safe place to recuperate.

Meg has survived a great deal of trauma in her young life – and she deserves to be spoiled for the remainder of her life. Will you please help this beautiful girl find a safe place to go? Meg is listed as a 10-month-old Belgian Malinois. She is being held at the Los Angeles County Animal Care facility in Palmdale, California.

Watch a video of Meg at this link to Instagram.

You can find Meg’s Petharbor link here.


Located At : Los Angeles County Animal Control – Palmdale
Description : My name is Meg.
I am described as a female, brown and black Belgian Malinois.
Age : The shelter thinks I am about 10 months old.
More Info : I have been at the shelter since Nov 19, 2021.
Shelter InformationLocation : Los Angeles County Animal Control – Palmdale
Website : animalcare.lacounty.gov
Phone Number : (661) 575-2888
Address : 38550 Sierra Highway
Palmdale, CA 93550

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  1. I called several police depts in the area of Palmdale. While she only has 3 legs she doesn’t need 4 to sniff out drugs etc. They are even training dogs to sniff out covid. There is no better dog for police work than a Belgium. Police pay 1000’s for a untrained puppy. One guy in Lancaster said he might go check her out.

  2. Oh goody! Maybe one of the half dozen PD’s I called went and got her cuz her pet harbor link says “This animal no longer exists in our database”. Belgium’s are the smartest dogs. She doesn’t need 4 legs to learn to sniff out drugs or contraband. Good luck little girl.


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