Magnificent Bernese Mountain pup ‘too strong for his current family’ hoping for a new home

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At the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley, a magnificent Bernese Mountain dog was surrendered by his owner on Saturday because he was “too strong for his current family to handle.” Mack weighs 173.6 pounds and is only two-years-old. His family has had Mack since he was only eight-weeks-old; one can understand how sad they were when they decided he needed a new home.

Mack has been neutered and tested negative for heartworms.

All dogs available for adoption need special homes, and Mack is no different, however his needs may be a bit more specialized. According to his previous owner, Mack spent most of his time indoors or in a fenced-in yard. He is not accustomed to taking daily walks. Mack is housetrained, and when he was younger spent time in a crate. He knows his “sit” command and quickly responds.

Mack has not lived with children, but regularly had been visited by children between the ages of 5 through 14, although it is preferred, because of the dog’s strength, he be with children older than 10-years-old. He also shared his home with a senior dog, but it is not known how Mack would react to another dog; he hasn’t had any experience with cats.

And now for some of Mack’s dislikes:

Mack is frightened of loud noises and vacuum cleaners – he will bark or run away from the noise. He also doesn’t want anything to do with flea medications and will nip at anyone who administers them. He is also protective of food and toys, and precautions will have to be taken to avoid touching or coming close to either one.

This handsome black, white, rust-colored long haired dog has the classic, Bernese face that anyone familiar with the breed will adore. He is a gentleman and loves attention, but he will require an experienced handler familiar with the breed.

If you’re qualified and want to fall in love with this gorgeous boy, who by the way loves belly rubs, contact,

(740) 373-5959

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