Heartwarming success story for defeated puppy at Alabama shelter for 175 days

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At the City of Mobile Animal Services, Moonpie, nearly six-months ago, a one-year-old Labrador retriever mix entered the shelter with his brother with little faith in humans. It wasn’t long before his brother had been adopted; Moonpie patiently waited for his turn.

Thanks to his wonderful foster parent, Moonpie was fully house-trained, enjoyed the company of the other household pets and loved to be cuddled. Of course, he was described as having a “goofy personality” and would need a patient family to provide him the love and gentle instruction he would need, but with all the adoptable pets and cute little dogs, it seemed as if Moonpie’s chance just never came. But he waited; surely someone would come to meet him and fall in love.

And when Moonpie was returned to the shelter, and sadly earned the label as the next longest resident at the shelter, his bright-eyed spirit seemed to have dimmed and gone the way of sadness. If a picture is worth a thousand words, it showed that Moonpie – the once exuberant young dog had given up.

moonpie has been with us for 174 days and he has absolutely given up. Most dogs will bark when you walk by their kennel, but Moonpie has been in this cement kennel for six months, and he just knows the routine and that no one is there to see him.

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And so the 43-pound pup who was great with people and other dogs just slept in his kennel completely dejected.

Moonpie is rescued

The City of Mobile Animal Services, volunteers, staff and social media were all determined to help; Moonpie would not become a statistic – one of those very adoptable dogs, who despite their good looks and dispositions still couldn’t find a home, and instead would pull out all the stops to help this beautiful pup find a loving home.

His photo quickly went viral; volunteers and social media animal advocates shared Moonpie’s photo and his heartbreaking plight. AND it worked:

Here is the BIG UPDATE! What a difference a few hours can make! After being in The City of Mobile Animal Services for 174 days and beyond defeated, MOONPIE has been adopted within HOURS thanks to your shares! Y’all worked so hard sharing this boy and thanks to the efforts of Stacey Marie and Makayla Mosley with the City, they went through all the applications and found this boy the perfect home with Logan Kyle Weeks and his family who drove all the way from Florida to save this boy! Thank you to Moonpies new adopter, to all the kennel staff for looking after him for so long, but most importantly thank you to every one in our community who shared this boy! It’s no coincidence that he got out the same day you shared him after 174 days, thank only happened because of you and we love you all.


An email will also be sent to other families offering to adopt Moonpie. Please note, there are lots of wonderful dogs in need of loving homes. For more information and how you can volunteer, foster, donate or adopt, please click here.

Congratulations Moonpie!

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