Loveable 10-year-old stray Lab came into shelter with ‘longest nails’ ever seen on a dog

At the Humane Society of Marion County in Florida, a loveable 10-year-old stray came into the shelter at the end of March in shocking condition. The terribly neglected dog had the “longest nails” anyone on the staff at the animal welfare organization had ever seen. Some of the dog’s nails were so long they had twisted and painfully curled around each other.

The shelter named her Docena, and her nails were carefully trimmed. She also needed surgery to remove mammary tumors, and during her mastectomy she was also spayed.

“Mammary tumors are more common in older female dogs that are not spayed. Did you know the risk of a dog developing a mammary TUMOR is 0.5% if spayed before their first heat (approximately 6 months of age), 8% after their first heat, and 26% after their second heat? More than 1/4 of female dogs that are not spayed will develop a mammary tumor during their lifetime. This risk is lowered drastically when a female dog is SPAYED” the organization posted on their social media page encouraging dog owners to spay their dogs for health reasons as well as controlling the puppy population.

Docena also has a deformity to her leg – most likely a birth defect. It does not cause her any pain and she does use it.

Funds donated to the Humane Society of Marion County are used to take care of dogs just like Docena and help with medications, spay/neuters, necessary surgery, food, play area and being made comfortable in a bed every evening. The organization is a non-profit, no-kill shelter located at 701 NW 14th Road, Ocala, Florida 34475.

To inquire about Docena, donate or adopt other pets, contact:

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Such a sweet parrot!

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Already with a deformity, so they let her nails grow painfully long, then use her for breeding. Tell me again, WHY they call this PUTRID, HATE FILLED state the ‘sunshine state’? The MOST egregious animal abuse/torture comes from this sunshine state and who is proud of that? EVANGELICAL NAZI’S, that’s who. Astounding that the good, law abiding citizens put up with this, then it’ll be THEIR child abducted and sold in to sex slavery. THEN and ONLY then will they speak out. Sad lot you are.


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