Kind-hearted Arctic gold miners rescued orphaned polar bear cub

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An orphaned polar bear cub was rescued by a group of kind-hearted gold miners in the Arctic. The tiny, female cub was discovered alone on the remote island of Bolshevik – a remote northernmost territory of Russia.

According to Metro News the cub had been roaming in the area looking for food and had  been attracted by the aromas of the men cooking. Even though there are strict rules banning feeding wild animals because they lose their desire to hunt, the men decided there was no way the motherless cub could have survived on her own.

“The female cub spent several months living close to humans, and got so used to them that it behaved like a dog,” one report stated.

A viral video showed the bear climbing a ladder and hugging one of her rescuers. When the miners returned to the mainland, they contacted authorities aware there was a definite possibility the cub would not be able to survive on her own. Previously the workers had no contact at the base where they worked.

A decision was made by the Moscow Zoo to save the cub. When rescuers returned to the area, the cub had been existing on the trash left behind by the miners. A helicopter had been flown to the island and was able to trap and bring the cub to the zoo while a permanent home is found.

Less than 31,000 polar bears remain on Earth, according to the World Wildlife Fund. Every life counts.

Video: (#10 rating on cuteness meter)

Screenshots via YouTube and Andrey Gorban for Royev Ruchey Zoo

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Such a sweet parrot!

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    How UNFORTUNATE for this poor bear, Russians will EXPLOIT her and in order to do THAT, she will be subjected to SADISTIC beatings and periods of EXTREME hunger for the REST of her LIFE. I pray something serves to END her life prematurely, as she will DEFINITELY be better off. I pray God’s hand of love does just THAT.

      • Diana Rowell says:

        The name is DIANA, Janey. And yes, God’s hand of love takes lives to prevent SADISTIC DAILY TORTURE. Numerous stories in the bible about it and God states WHY He wanted it known. I suggest you EDUCATE yourself BEFORE judging, another thing that goes against God.

    • Diana Rowell says:

      If you want the truth, I suggest you google videos of Russians “training” polar bears they ripped from wild. This sweet bear is friendly to humans, so they WILL DEFINITELY be putting her in a Circus PRISON. Wake up.


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