Animal activists demand answers concerning photos of chained dogs covered in mud

In Decatur, Alabama, an animal rescuer was so overwhelmed with the absence of animal cruelty laws in her home state as well as the lack of investigations in suspected neglect and cruelty cases, she decided to let photographs speak for themselves and for the dogs who continue to suffer.

“Decatur,Al. I took these pictures on 3/16/2021. Sparing the other pictures I have. A puppy chained with an embedded collar and completely swollen from infection, especially under the neck, covered in mud and shaking from being rained on. No shelter, no water or food. Only feet away in front of this pup is a dead dog decaying. About 10 dogs ( including little puppies)on the property and animal control didn’t take them all and don’t know if they removed any. Laws here in Alabama for animals are an embarrassment. They suffer in silence! A cycle that will continue. This young dog is completely defeated. Can’t get an update on this pup from animal control and we won’t. This dog is completely defeated!,” Tracey Jones posted on her social media page.

The disturbing photos quickly went viral; the dogs left outdoors tethered by thick chains and covered in mud were heartbreaking. One photo showed a dead dog lying close to one of the chained pups.

The Decatur Animal Services posted a statement on Thursday that an investigation is ongoing. Animal Services were out at the property earlier in the week. The Decatur Police informed the public the owners have agreed to take the dogs to a veterinarian. Irene Cardenas Martinez, the public information officer for the police department, stated all of the dogs have been examined by a veterinarian including the deceased dog.

As of the most recent reports, the surviving dogs have not been removed from the property nor have there been any charges of animal cruelty or neglect against the owners.

Updates to follow.

Be the voices for those who cannot speak.

(Photos via Tracey Jones)

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2 replies
  1. Diana Rowell says:

    EVANGELICAL TRUE COLORS on FULL display right here folks. Makes ya want to get up and go to church to THANK GOD for ALL the suffering these NAZI PUKES PURPOSELY cause, doesn’t it?! Way to go DEMON spawned Alabama MAGGOT A** WIPES! Makes my blood boil that THESE people are RAISING young children to believe THIS is how you treat GOD’S CREATURES! Reckon God is grieving in pain to see THIS is the thanks He gets. VERY disturbing…VERY! I pray His hand of Justice lays waste to these vile THUGS soon.

  2. Gen says:

    Perhaps animal control in ALABAMA NEEDS EDUCATING!! This is DISGUSTING ANIMAL ABUSE, going to the vet I’d good but get the dogs some CLEAN shelter, food and water ! They need to be removed from these owners. I HOPE SOME RESCUE GROUP STEALS THEM since animal control won’t do what’s right for the dogs.


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