Abandoned pug sat on corner of the street for entire day waiting for his ‘person’ who never returned

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A Good Samaritan spotted a pug sitting on the corner of the street on his way to work earlier this week. And then, when the same person walked home, the tiny dog was still sitting on the same corner. He seemed to be waiting for his “person” to return, except no one ever came. How many people passed him by?

When a photo of the pug was sent to Paw Prints in the Sand, founder Kelly Reeves, the rescuer reached out to the San Bernardino Animal Shelter where the dog had been taken in as a stray. He is now safe in a foster home and in need of immediate veterinary care.

“His poor eyes are so bad! I’ve consulted with a couple human ophthalmology surgeons. He definitely has a corneal abrasion in his right eye and some kind of conjunctival growth with exposure in his left eye.”

Kelly Reeves via Facebook

Now, this little adorable pooch is going to need a name. Your ideas are always welcome. He will be receiving the best of care, and we will be checking back with Kelly for updates.

To donate to this little guy, go to www.PawPrintsintheSand.org/donate

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