Dog found near death has a miraculous recovery

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A dog found near death in Texas has made a miraculous recovery. When Jake was found in Cleveland, Texas, he was unrecognizable as a husky. He was frail, injured and barely clinging to life. In fact, when rescuers found him and rushed him to an emergency veterinarian for care, they had to keep checking to ensure that he was still breathing in the backseat of the car.

The amazing tale of survival and recovery was shared this week by ThisIsHouston, who recounted the pitiful condition Jake was in when he was first found:

One year ago today we rescued a dog who would prove that miracles do exist.
He roamed the streets of Cleveland, TX until he collapsed in someone’s yard and couldn’t continue on anymore. We found his frail, emaciated, wounded, bloody body barely clinging to life. There were trails of ants leading to his body and there were bugs eating his eyes which were sunken in. He used every last might he had to lift his head and acknowledge we were there to help him.

Describing how close to death Jake actually was:

When he arrived to the ER, he coded not only once but twice. They revived him both times. He was hospitalized for 21 days. It took about a week for him to open to his eyes. And it took about 2 weeks to learn how to walk again.

Against all odds, Jake survived and today he is happy and healthy – his former self a long-forgotten memory.

With love and good care, anything is possible.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Texans are a DISEASE. These idiots who claim to be devout Christians must be either remedial, blind or illiterate, because EVERYTHING I’ve read regarding how these SATAN spawned demons treat living beings is a MASSIVE affront to God and a deafening blow to Jesus. God will give ALL oversight of these THUGS to those who are MOST TROUBLED by their SADISTIC treatment. That is, animal rescuers and organizations who’ve had the unmitigated access to the most heinous crimes against JESUS’ animals.


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