Puppies in hardened tar undergo hours of labor to free them

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In the area of Udaipur, Rajasthan, three puppies became encased in hardened road tar. When rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited arrived, one of the puppies had already died from the toxic material; now to figure out how to rescue the other tiny victims. Two of the three puppies had somehow made it back to their mother with tar covered over half of their bodies.

And so began the long journey to rescue the puppies. One of the puppies had been stuck to the earth, and to avoid pulling off the puppy’s skin, rescuers had to cut a huge slab of the stone and tar away. After that was done, the puppy attached to the slab and his two litter mates were rushed to the veterinary hospital.

At the hospital, the puppies all looked so pathetic. They were dehydrated and exhausted; their coats were full of tar, and they could barely move. All they could do was to cry. Rescuers used cooking oil to slowly wipe away the hardened tar. The process took hours – meanwhile the puppies were hydrated with droppers, given pain medication and reassured until the tar was removed to free the little ones.

When at last it was time for their baths, the puppies were moving and stretching. How relieved the little ones felt after so many hours of concentrated efforts involving several rescuers determined to save their lives.

Finally they were reunited with their mother.

Sit back and take five minutes to watch this amazing video and the wonderful people who are here for those who cannot speak.

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Puppy screams for help locked in rock-solid tar.

Three gorgeous puppies were encased in hardened road tar when our rescue team arrived, and their sibling had died from the toxic hardened tar. Two of the three had made their way back to their mother with tar over half their little bodies. But one was stuck to the earth, and to avoid pulling her skin off, rescuers had to cut and pry big slabs of stone and tar to carry with her to the hospital where all 3 puppies would undergo hours of labor as Animal Aid staff and volunteers softened the tar by soaking it in cooking oil and pulling it off little bit by bit.The puppies' little faces could not have looked more forlorn. By the time the tar was removed, they were soooo exhausted. But all the more WONDERFUL to see them playing in joy after a good night's sleep in the furry warmth of their Momma.Removing tar is difficult, but LOVE is easy. Please donate: www.animalaidunlimited.org/donate.html

Posted by Animal Aid Unlimited on Monday, March 9, 2020

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