Officers in China clubbing dogs in front of their owners to avoid coronavirus

Officers in different communities in China are clubbing dogs to death in front of their owners during their efforts to control the coronavirus. The World Health Organization states there has been no evidence presented that shows the virus can be passed to humans through their pets.

According to the Daily Mail UK, workers have been videoed beating dogs to death with wooden poles. One video showed a black Labrador retriever waiting for his owner in Chengdu, being beaten by four volunteers from a nearby community. When the owner returned to get his dog, the pet had already died and the men had left the scene.

Another video made public, showed an officer wearing a face mask and a plastic protective covering over his clothes in Yongjia County, Zhejiang Province attack a small dog with a long pole as shocked residents looked on. As reported, the officers killed all dogs and chickens after two visitors to the community were diagnosed with the virus on Monday.

The latest brutality towards dogs took place on Thursday in a residential community. Residents have condemned the horrible attacks, however some officers claimed a stray dog they beat to death with a pole had bitten some local residents – sending everyone in a panic.

The fear associated with pets had been falsely reported by Prof. Li Lanjuan, a member of China’s National Health Commission stating pets needed to be quarantined if exposed to humans who had contracted the coronavirus. Again, there is no proof that animals carry the disease.

In addition, the Humane Society International reported dogs and puppies being abandoned on the streets with no food or water. Rescue attempts have been ongoing.

Check out the video:

Puppies Abandoned in China Following Coronavirus.

SHOCKING: Following the coronavirus outbreak in China, local citizens sounded the alarm about 11 abandoned puppies left without water, food or shelter. HSI’s partner group rushed to the scene and rescued all the surviving pups who are now receiving proper care. Despite the World Health Organization stating that there is no evidence dogs or cats can be infected with coronavirus, and medical experts in China also speaking out, reports are coming in of many pets being turned out on the streets or abandoned as people evacuate. HSI’s partner groups are working hard to help animals in need.

Posted by Humane Society International on Tuesday, February 4, 2020

“Community officers should be charged with disseminating accurate and scientifically supported information to the public at this time, not in carrying out cruel and pointless culls of dogs.

The advice by the World Health Organization that there is no evidence dogs and cats can be infected with the virus, needs to be heard throughout China.”

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  1. Jan Barnes says:


  2. Diana Rowell says:

    To ALL who plan travel to this EVIL, SADISTIC, OPPRESSION RULED hell hole…THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE SUPPORTING. This makes YOU an accessory after the fact for supporting TORTURE, STARVATION, RELIGIOUS GROUPS IMPRISONED for doing NOTHING BUT EXISTING, OUTRIGHT MURDER, and THEIR CONTINUED THEFT of OUR intellectual property. If you consider yourself a Christian, Catholic, Jewish, or Muslim (if I missed one, apologies)…you better REREAD the Bible/Koran, because God PROMISES NO mercy to those who KNOWINGLY further these VILE ACTS against HIS children, HIS animals, OR HIS earth via ANY SUPPORT. YOUR money comes from GOD, YOUR blessings come from GOD, YOUR children come from GOD. Put yourselves in His place for just a moment…how would YOU FEEL if YOU saw ALL that YOU created for the GREATER GOOD being SLAUGHTERED/DESTROYED by VILE THUGS, then furthered and supported by YOUR OWN children?

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    Beyond disgusting. Cruelty because these POSs had “authority”……..

    They will all burn in Hell forever for their cruelty.

    Innocent animals & their families are the victims……

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    The more I see of what is going on in that country, the more I dislike it and some of the people that live there! Blame and abandon your pets eve though there is no evidence they can even carry the disease! Disgusting country and people!

  5. ABS314 says:

    The only reason Coronavirus exists at all is from all the wildlife these people poach from other countries and eat still alive.
    I cheer every time I hear the death rate from this virus has gone up. Nature needs to clean her planet of all the garbage that infests it.


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