Illinois couple charged with ‘horrible’ starvation and poisoning deaths of dogs

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Two residents living in the Hoffman Estates area of Naperville, Illinois have been charged with the “horrible” starvation and neglect in the death of two dogs. Sarah Gorski and Andre Norris face charges for aggravated animal cruelty to animals and forgery as well as one count of misdemeanor unlawful disposal of a dog. Another allegation charges they forged pay stubs from Petland, Norris’ former employer.

According to the Daily Herald, on March 2, Naperville police officers and animal control arrived at a wooded area where their German shepherd name Melodias or “Otis” was discovered wrapped in a bed sheet inside of a storage container near a drainage ditch. The dog only weighed 20-pounds. Gorski,19, and Norris, 27, were the owners of the dogs.

After a search warrant was secured, officers found another dog in the couple’s home, a German shepherd/hound named Scooby. He was kept inside of a rusted dog crate filled with feces, blood and urine; the dog had been starved and only weighed 20 pounds. Scooby’s body was riddled with sores, and when released from the cage, he could not walk.

A third dog, named Bubba was found dead in a field where the couple have been accused of dumping him.

Necropsies revealed Otis died from canine parvovirus, starvation and rat poisoning. Bubba, a Corgi, only weighed four pounds when he was found – he died from starvation.

“To say the charges against Sarah Gorski and Andre Norris are disturbing would be a gross understatement,”DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin said in the news release. “Otis and Bubba both died a horrible, painful death, allegedly because these two defendants starved them to death. What’s even more disturbing is the allegation that the defendants fed Otis rat poison. Thankfully, the manner in which Gorski and Norris allegedly treated their pets was discovered and Scooby appears to be on the mend. If these charges are proven in court, the defendants will pay a serious price.”

Judge Brian Telander set bond at $100,000 for Norris and $50,000 for Gorski.  Their next court appearance is scheduled for June 1.

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  1. Luana Duncan says:

    Poor babies! To starve 2 death is unimaginable!! So cruel!! I pray the third dog makes it and gets a good 4ever home!! And I hope these 2 cowardly jerks get full punishment!


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