Ohio man sentenced to jail after starving his dog to death

In Oxford, Ohio, the man accused of starving his dog to death was sentenced on Thursday to more than one year in jail. David Neanover was ordered to serve 180 days for each of two counts of animal cruelty.

According to Fox News, Neanover, 37, also received an extra 90 days for domestic violence and ordered to pay a fine.

In April 2019, the Butler County Sheriff’s Office responded to a home on Main Street and found an emaciated dog covered in open sores with no food or water. Poor Lou was so desperate, he had eaten rocks to stave off his hunger. According to the Butler County Sheriff’s Office, the dog also had an ulcer on his tongue which made it painful for him to eat or drink.

At the time, Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones looked at the dog and stated:

“No normal human being could look at this dog and think this is acceptable. The pictures are hard to view. It’s much worse in person. Animal Friends will do everything they can to save this poor animal, but the current condition is very bad. I am thankful that this was reported. I just hope he can be saved and adopted to someone who cares.”

Five days later, despite the best attempts to save two-year-old Doberman named Lou, his body could no longer fight. When rescued Lou weighed just 23 pounds and was covered in open sores because of a fungal infection.


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  1. Maggie says:

    SomeOne needs to kick the shit out of this use piece of flesh living and wasting oxygen. He’s nothing more than a total coward/loser! He’s beating up little dogs, such a pos! He would probably crap his pants if a guy went after him directly size related to the ugly abuser and the puppies. I’m positive his Little Dipstick has been laughed at so that could be the reason for his anger. Maybe it should just get It chopped off!


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