Georgia shelter gives lonely dog a birthday party hoping to help him find a home

A two-year-old rescue pup named Brownie celebrated his birthday with a party. Brownie has been at the Gwinnett Animal Shelter in Georgia for nearly a year – it is hoped the happy event will attract his new forever family.

According to the shelter’s Facebook page where colorful photos documented one happy day of swimming, chasing balls and dining on some delicious treats, Brownie’s biggest wish is to find a human(s) who will give him a loving home.

“When Brownie came to us one year ago today, he was a behaviorally sound pup that was just a little scared to be in the shelter environment. We never had any issues with him until months later, when he began to develop some concern with meeting new people on leash. He has now become apprehensive of anyone approaching him that is not the person on the other end of his leash. He loves the person he is with, but is very fearful of newcomers,” the post read.

Brownie, however has special needs. In the past Brownie had a documented bite history while at the shelter. Because he is afraid and anxious of new people, he will attempt to snip and bite.

Still he is behaviorally sound in all other areas. He does well in canine playgroups, interacts with other dogs and has no problems with staff members. He is social and has helped new dogs become acclimated to the playgroup experience at the shelter. Although he can be selective and anxious, his playgroup has always been fun for him.

“Brownie is a goofy, smart, and very loving boy. He is the happiest with a tennis ball in his mouth and out in the yard laying in a pool filled with water.”

This special pup needs a rescue group or very special adopter to step up and take him to the next level. Brownie needs some continued training, and lots of love and patience.

For more information, you can reach the rescue office during regular office hours on Tuesday-Thursday 9 AM-6 PM and 7:30 AM-4:30 PM on Friday and Saturday. The rescue email is All emails received after hours will be responded to as soon as possible the following business day.

Good luck Brownie. Please share his story and help this special boy find his forever home.

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