Sweet pup pushes her nose far into corner in dreaded fear

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A very frightened dog pushed her nose far into the corner of her kennel cage in dreaded fear on Saturday. Animal advocate Laurel-Ann Dooley has reached out for help from social media.

“To say this sweet pup is terrified is more than an understatement. Iris is completely shut down and just pancakes on the floor, pushing her nose as far into the corner as it will go. She lets me pet her, but remains cringing against the wall. No treat will tempt her – she is not interested in eating. “

Dubbed Iris, an ideal foster or adopter will need to have patience to slowly demonstrate to this scared dog that humans can be trusted and that she is safe. Her photos tell her story better than words. Can you help?

Please share Iris’ plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

(Photos of Iris in dreaded fear from Laurel-Ann Dooley Facebook page.)

If you can foster/adopt this frightened girl, or know anyone who might, please let me know or contact foster@fultonanimalservices.com.

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Atlanta, Georgia
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