One dog left after adoption event

Just one dog left after adoption event

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When an adoption event wrapped up in Missouri, just one dog remained…his name is Kenny and he was the only pup who didn’t find a new home. On Sunday, Wayside Waifs wrote:

And then there was 1.
Kenny was the only adoptable dog left in our shelter at the end of our adoption promo. He is a fantastic guy who met some great families but not his forever family. Until then, Kenny will
be safe and loved. Please share to help him in his journey. Our pet adoption center opens at 10 am today. 🐾🐾❤️

According to Kenny’s adoption profile, he is a smart boy who loves to be active. His biography reads, in part:

I’m confident, athletic, and I have a knack for reading people really well.  I love the agility park.  It makes me feel happy to accomplish the exercises and I have so much fun!  I’ve also joined the Wayside Runner’s Program, where I’m a green list runner, meaning I’m focused, I keep a nice pace, and I make an overall great running partner.

Kenny needs a family – can you give him a hand? Taking a moment to share this article with help him find the person who is meant to be his new owner.

Find Kenny’s profile here.

Companion ID

Location: Kansas City, MO

Facebook thread here.

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Yesterday: Med student poured boiling water on dog who pooped inside – more about this cruelty here.

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  1. Janet Barnes says:

    Many thanks and. blessings for taking care of Kenny while he awaits his forever home! Do you need donations?


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